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Please note that this page and the following extensions are related to Modelio v1.x only. These extensions also exist for Modelio v2. You can find them (and other free and open source extensions) in the Modelio Store. Please note that Modelio v2 is now open source.

Example of BPMN diagram in Modelio

Modelio-open is a set of open source extensions for the Modelio v1.x modeling and generation tool (UML, BPMN, MDA).

The Modelio modeling and model driven development tool has a more than twenty years long tool evolution history. Using Modelio Free Edition or Modelio Enterprise Edition and the Modelio-open extensions, you will get a highly professional modeling environment, having a wide modeling coverage and strong extensions capabilities. See more on Modeliosoft website.

Modelio has a free version (Modelio Free Edition) which supports modeling and the ability to define modeling, code generation or model transformation extensions packaged as modules.

Modelio-open currently provides a module to support SoaML modeling (OMG UML profile for modeling SOA architectures), and related generations, Modelio-open will soon provide a SysML extension (system modeling).

Other extensions will be made available within a few months.

Get started with Modelio-open

  1. Download Modelio v1.x
  2. Install it
  3. Download an open-source module
  4. Deploy the module in Modelio (Just go into Options/Install module menu)

Open source modules

Modelio-open sourceforge project


SoaML Designer

SoaML Designer provides SoaML extension to Modelio UML model and a range of dedicated diagrams. It is based on the analysis of the SoaML specification.

 Download SoaML Designer module and sources



U2TP is the standard test modeling language defined by the OMG organization.
Modelio U2TP module implements this extension to UML: it gives the test designer dedicated commands and graphics to assist him in the specification of test systems.

Download U2TP module and sources



Systems Modeling Language - SysML for short - is a modeling language specific to the field of systems engineering. It is used to specify, analyze, design, check and validate numerous systems and systems-of-systems.
SysML is an OMG standard defined as an extension of a subset of UML, using the UML profile mechanism.

Download SysML Designer and sources